This cat has made a whole language

out of the “snicker” cats make when they see a bird and can’t quite contain their hunting lust.

Lumi, by contrast, uses growling as the basis of her talking. When she growls, it does not mean she’s warning that she’s about to scratch or bite. She growls and grumbles when she is excited about breakfast, birds, or play, as well as when she is annoyed, or subsiding from some state of annoyance or excitement and telling me about it, complaining and confiding, just making conversation.

I don’t have video yet, but am working on it.


I know how to con a cat.

I’m an old hand.

And how to be conned by a cat—

Oh, I’m an old hand at that.

(This arose apropos of The Food Issue:  how to get them to eat what you want them to eat, and how they get you to give them what THEY want to eat.  It’s a constant war.)