Cover Image by Svetlana Petrova / About


I qualify as a crazy cat lady emeritus—actually, half of a crazy cat couple.  When I met Jacques, I had two unspayed female cats and he had a tomcat (plus the tomcat’s mother, sister, and two generations of offspring of the tomcat and his sister. Tsk).  Voilà!  Eleven more kittens.  We had something like 40 cats in the last 40 years, and that’s not even counting the litters that came and went.  I remember every one of them, and their names, including those of the kittens destined for adoption.  No two were anything alike. Every one had a story.  Sometimes more than one story.

In other words:  I know whereof I speak.  Don’t get me started.

(Props for the cover image go to Svetlana Petrova. Props for the name of this blog go to Ron Fisher and Nick Bessie.)

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