4 thoughts on “If Looks Could Speak

  1. P.S. Annie. I wanted to send you a long response to your wonderful comment on my blog by e-mail, but I am defeated by your spam-protect. It is absolutely not letting me in, despite numerous tries. So here, on your blog, is my response. I’m thinking this need not appear publicly because you moderate the comments and you can simply delete after reading. And PS, my e-mail address is yayfay AT yahoo DOT com, in case you want to be in touch with me that way. Kay, here we go:

    Dear Annie:

    How fascinated I was to get your detailed comment, on the state of my poor cat Bugs’s plumbing. I am really delighted to find this companionship with you. And how generous you were with your knowledge and experience.

    Heavens what you and your late husband have been through, with the males. You really have to wonder why the Creator allowed this situation to develop. An off day, and just look what happens!

    I especially appreciated your confirmation that stress is a factor. That’s what the homeopathic vet is saying, too.

    I wish I had had your wisdom and sensitivity to notice that Bugsy has likely been experiencing urinary discomfort for some time. I had noticed that he would pee (in the box) standing up, traveling up the high-walled litter box (which I got because of this), with quivering tail – but darn it, I thought he was just a feisty guy who did this instead of spraying. All well and good – except that he then started spraying, so that’s what alerted me to take this seriously.

    But I had hoped that with all the care I take over his diet, this wouldn’t have been an issue. You are right, I do feed him raw organic – plus a neutraceutical supplement, “BalanceIt,” compounded by the vets at UCalifornia Davis, so that should take care of the magnesium. It’s one of 28 ingredients in the stuff. So I had so hoped that my home-making his food would pay off with good health.

    Well, actually I believe it may have, because he doesn’t have the dreaded struvites, nor does he have blood in his urine – just elevated white blood cells. The homeo vet says this does not necessarily mean an infection, but inflammation with an emotional or stress-based component.

    And darn it, but both my cats DO drink water – Bugsy seems quite happy with the dishes I have spotted around the house, which I replace daily with fresh. Filtered water, needless to say. Concerned about the mineral-heavy content here plus who knows what else (flouride, for starters). I laughed at your running-water experience.

    So, with all this, it does seem to boil down, in the end, to stress – neighborhood cats outside, not enough enrichment inside, possibly contributed-to by his rough early start in life – live and learn. I am paying much closer attention and showering him with what I sincerely hope is appropriate response. I believe – and goodness knows it’s nothing more than a belief and who the hell knows whether it’s founded, we are talking about cats, after all – that he is appreciating this. I sure am loving him more.

    However, I have just re-tested him and unfortunately he is still positive for the WBCs. Possibly somewhat improved – but still. So the latest consult with the homeo vet has resulted in an increased-dose remedy. So we shall see.

    I was dosing him up with various vitamin-C like things but the homeo vet suggested I stop that. I kept all the (expensive) supplements, though.

    I am absolutely thrilled that you like my little blog. I have such a good time with it, plus my readers are darlings who respond with such supportive and useful insights, YAY that you are along for the ride. This means so much to me!

    And as for your blog – come on, Annie. You simply MUST keep posting. Your blog is fantastic! I absolutely love the “creation” header, and as for that “Have you seen this cat” poster, well, words fail me. You saw on my blog what I did with it, right? In any case, I have signed up and am eagerly awaiting your next, you brilliant person you.

    Very very happy to “meet” you, Annie –Anita

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